” . . . I don’t think (we’ll) ever find another teacher who cares more about his students and his work.” – A. S.

“Your intellectual and creative passion . . . will never be forgotten.” – C.C.

“You’ve inspired Maia to tread unknown pathways. Your tireless efforts, imagination . . . we admire and appreciate.” -J. T.

“You are one of the greatest teachers to ever roam the world . . .” -Maria C.

“Whenever I thought I had done all that I could, you gave me an arena to do more. I don’t believe in limits anymore because when I could hardly edit three sentences, you said I could get published if I worked hard at it. You believed in me.” – F.P.

“Jeff . . . inspired me to write with a freedom I never felt before.” -M.K.

“I want to thank you so much for your dedication to your work – for your inspiring teaching and care that you give to your students.” -L.P.

“You helped me through that year and taught me a lot about myself and how to make learning fun.” -M.L.

“I learned so much about essays and writing, not only that but you really inspired me to put a lot of effort and emotion into my writing. You were the first, and so far the only teaher that has inspired me to do work. You made me want to write.” -M.C.

“Jeff wouldn’t give up on me. He helped me with everything. I credit a third of my learning to write well to him.” – J. B.